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Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Stroman spent the last week in Orangeburg as the guests of Mr. Stroman’s parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lightsey, who have been residing on Holly street, have taken apartments with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Erwin at 1002 Woodrow street.

Mrs. F. R. Hagood is again at her home on Woodrow street after an absence of several weeks visiting relatives in Virginia and Ohio.

Mrs. S. Mouzon Smith from Edgefield on her return home from a stay at Hot Springs, N. C., stopped for a visit to relatives in Shandon.

Mrs. C. E. Boswell with her little son, Charles, has returned to her home on Lee street after visiting her sister, Mrs. Nichols, at Hodges.

Dr. M. C. Cheatham and Mrs. Cheatham, with their children, Nancy Cheatham and M. C. Cheatham, Jr., are leaving today for Abbeville, where they are going to attend the golden wedding anniversary of Doctor Cheatha’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cheatham, Tuesday.

Miss Louise Donny left Wednesday to resume her studies at Winthrop college, where she will be a member this year of the sophomore class.

Mrs. W. E. Jarvis has as her guests at her home on Maple street her mother, Mrs. Katherine Harry, and her three sisters, Mrs. H. A. Kroyer, Mrs. Louise Haenni and Miss Agnes Enos, of St. Louis.

Mrs. Charles Weagly, who had been for several days at the Baptist hospital following a tonsil operation, returned Thursday to her home in Shandon Annex.

Miss Annelle Thacker from St. Matthews, Mrs. C. W. Reeves of Mayfield, Ga., Miss Welbourne of Fountain Inn and Miss Pennick, who are teachers in the Shandon school, are making their home for the school session with Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Smith, Jr., on Blossom street.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Moroso and their little daughter, Mary Moroso, have returned to their home on First avenue after spending their vacation at Hotel St. Cloud, Saluda, N. C.

Joseph A. Moroso, who has held a position as commander and instructor at Camp Alpine, Little Switzerland, N. C., for the summer, is again at his home in Shandon.

Dick Moroso, who has been spending his summer vacation in New York, is at home again.

Mrs. Bonham Brooks, who had been for several days at the Baptist hospital for a tonsil operation, returned Thursday to her home on Preston street.

Mrs. H. C. Shirah with her two children is leaving today for her home in Blaney after a visit of ten days to her sister, Mrs. C. C. Tedder, on Gladden Street.

Mrs. Burt E. Dowlby, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. George C. Milne, on Cypress street, has returned to her home in Detroit.

John Reeves left Friday for Charleston to resume his studies at the Citadel.

Miss Lois Fisher left Thursday for Indianapolis to enter a course of study at Butler university.

Miss Margaret Shuler of Aiken is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Jack Edens, on Blossom street.

Miss Onnalee Ebaugh is at home again after spending the latter part of the summer with her grandmother, Mrs. Ebaugh, in Baltimore.

Jack DeWitt, the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. DeWit, on Lee street, who graduated last year at the Davis high school, left last week for Raleigh to enter the North Carolina State college.

Mrs. Wilbur Wertz has as his guest at her home on Divine street her sister-in-law, Mrs. Crouch, from Johnston.

Shandon Mother’s Club.

The Shandon Mother’s club met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. George Ropp on Cypress street with a good attendance and one guest, Mrs. Cinway, of Asheville. It was strictly a business meeting. During the social hour refreshments were served by the hostess.

Dorcas Class Meets.

Mrs. W. D. Drumheller and Mrs. Saluder were hostesses at a delightful Sunday school business and social meeting given for the Dorcas class of the Shandon Baptist church Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Drumhelier on Third avenue. Election for the ensuing year was the most important feature of the evening. The old officers were unanimousley re-elected with the exception of two, Mrs. Harvey was placed in charge of the home department and Mrs. Sisk was made reporter for the class. After business Mrs. Sisk was requested to give a reading. The hostess announced that the expense of the meeting had been cut so that a contribution might be made to the Red Cross for storm relief and members of the class heartily applauded. After a series of sentence prayers for the revival which will begin shortly the meeting adjourned.

Mrs. Dowlby Honored.

Mrs. J. D. Hogers and Mrs. R. M. McCullock formally entertained in honor of Mrs. Burt E. Dowlby, who was recently the guest of her sister, Mrs. George Milne, on Cypress street, with five tables of bridge Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Hogers. The rooms were decorated with a variety of garden flowers and after cards a salad course was served. Mrs. James L. Reid, Jr., won the high score prize for the women, which was a linen buffet set, and James L. Reid, Sr., won the first prize for the men, a pair of silk hose. The consolation prize, a deck of cards, fell to Mrs. J. H. Wilson. the guests of the evening besides the honor guest were: Mr. and Mrs. James L. Reid, Sr., Mrs. James L. Reid, Jr., Mr and Mrs. George Milne, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Blackwell, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Huggins, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. DaCosta, Mrs. J. H. Wetson, Mrs. E. L. Miller, Mrs. E. E. Lent, Mrs. R. H. Berry.

September 23, 1928  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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