Blaney School Plans Opening, Not in Politics

Int its issue of last Monday The Record published an article regarding the opening of Blaney school, with Governor Richards as speaker for the formal occasion. For the article was prepared a heading reading; “Blaney School Plans Opening.” For another article regarding on certain political activies a headline was prepared to read: “In Politics.” In one of those inexplainable ways, found at time in all newspaper offices, th compositor got the two heads together, and when the paper was issued the Blaney article, regarding the school opening, had atop it the two headlines, which to the reader unfamiliar with the sizes and arrangement of type, read: “Blaney School Plans Opening in Politics.”

The Record wishes to apologize to the Blaney school and its others interested in its opening, if they have taken the heading to indicate that the paper meant to say that the school opening was “in politics.” the error is regretted. There is plenty of politics these days, but it is not to be supposed that the Blaney school opening is mixed up in it.

September 5, 1928  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
Page 9

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