Newton Kelly Explains Views- McCaskill to Vote for Smith

(Special to The Record)

CAMDEN, S. C., Aug. 23 – Newton Kelly again Tuesday took the political spotlight of Kershaw County when at the Bethune campaign meeting he referred to a story in the Columbia Record of Monday afternoon which reported his views on the state highway department.

Mr. Kelly who apparently labored under the impression that The Record story was an account of the meeting at Blaney Monday was informed during his speech at Bethune by a representative of the Columbia paper that the newspaper article related to his view of several weeks ago and that it in no way covered his opinions as expressed at Blaney.

The candidate, who is seeking re-election to the house of representative in this county, was also show a copy of the story sent by wire of the Blaney meeting for publication in The Record Tuesday saying which he was quoted as saying I am not fighting the highway department at present. We’ve get them where we want them and I am willing to let them alone.”

At Bethune Tuesday Mr. Kelly declared that while previously opposed to the highway department at this time was not fighting it and that at no time since the supreme courts recent decision effecting old road beds had ought the department.

With the challenge to any man in the Bethune crowd to say that he had assumed a different position Kelly was questioned by Sam W. West of Cassatt as to a statement made on the Streets of Camden not later than Saturday, August 11.

When Mr. West declared that he had heard the candidate state on that date that he was opposed to the highway department Mr. Kelly declared from the speaker’s stand that any man who made such an assertion was speaking falsely.

Dr. S. F. Brasington of Camden also queried the candidate as to that cause his change of view in regard to the highway department. Mr. Kelly replied that he changed is opinion when the supreme court rendered its decision limiting the owners of re-locating the highways.

Other candidates fro the house were heard at the Bethune meeting.

Norman F. Richards made a plea for strict economy in the operation of the state goverment.

J. R. Belk said if elected to the house he would work for the best interests of the people.

J. F. McLaurin making his debut in politics is running on a platform of progress and good roads.

D. M. McCaskill was the first candidate to mention the presidential race and said that he would vote for Al Smith. He said that taxes could not be lowered without materially crippling the state government. He is an advocate of paved roads.

Candidates for the different county offices told the voters why they should be named for the different county positions they are seeking.

The Kershaw county candidates speak at Kershaw today.

August 23, 1928  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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