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BLANEY, S. C., June 9. – Thursday afternoon at Rose’s Pond the Sixth Grade gave a picnic to the Seventh grade. Miss Mabel Peterson was chaperone and a delightful picnic lunch was served.

On Saturday afternoon, the primary and junior classes of the Baptist Sunday school were entertained on school grounds with a picnic given by the pastor, Rev. M. C. Padgett, The Sunday school superintendent. L. D. Evans and the teachers, Misses Charlotte Ross and Lilibel Evans.

On Tuesday evening Misses Connie and Willie Mae Andrea entertained with a farewell party complementary to the school faculty. The Andrea home was decorated in a color scheme of pink and white with bowls of pink and white feverfew in the living and dining rooms. A program of contest and games was carried out and at the conclusion of the evening an ice course was served.

Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Evans had as their guest for the commencement the following Mrs. E. H. Ross and children of New Brookland, Mrs. D. Kelly, Mrs. B. D. Cain of Columbia, Misses Cora Alice Harmon, and Ruth Morril of Horrell Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. Howell Horrill and chidlren of Horrell Hill were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse T. Ross for commencement.

Mrs. C. S. Andrea had the following guest for commencement; Mr. and Mrs. Fava E. Cribb and son Zane and Remo and Miss Olive Andrea of Florence, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Rabon of Clearwater, Fla., Rev. C. L. McCain and Grady Fres of Mooresville, N. C.

Mrs. Salie Bowen had as guest for the commencement Misses Julia and Catherine Starnes of Ridgeway.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Rose entertained the following guest for the commencement week, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Eddleman, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Kelly and Miss Eleanor Kelly of Columbia, Mrs. and Mrs. C. M. Flaherty of Hamlet, N. C. and Mrs. Minnie Gilmore of Lykesland.

Miss Lila Ross of Camden has been the guest of Miss Elise Rose.

Miss grace Boykin of Charlotte, N. C., is the guest this week of her aunt, Mrs. Earl Bowen.

Mrs. T. M. Maddox has as her guest for the week end Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Williams of Spartanburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Rawls of Rock Hill Have been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Boykin K. Rose.

June 10, 1928  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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