Blaney Schools Close

Special to The State. Blaney, June 13. – The Blaney schools came to a very successful close Monday evening after a session of nine months. The finals began Friday evening with a play by the seventh grade and graduation exercises for the grammar school with an address by Howell Morrell of Horrell Hill. Medals for Honor Marks were given to Barney Cooper, Minnie Grace Watson, … Continue reading Blaney Schools Close

Blaney Schools Brought to End

(Special to the Record) BLANEY, S. C., June 8. – The closing exercises of the Blaney high school were held Monday evening with class day exercises by the seniors and an address by Dr. Patterson Wardlaw of the University of South Carolina. County Supt. J. Team Gettys delivered gold medals to the following; 8th grade medal to Elton Lovette with Fannie Monroe coming next. 9th … Continue reading Blaney Schools Brought to End