Executive Group Meets Next Week

Democratic Committee to Consider Petitions.


Will Organize Tuesday – Citizens Request New Polling Precincts.

For the purpose of organizing, considering several petitions for the establishment of new voting places and transacting routine business, the Richland county Democratic executive committee. T. B. Pearce, chairman, will hold a meeting next Tuesday, May 15, at the courthouse, according to an announcement made yesterday.

After organizing, the committee will take up several petitions for new precincts. Three county precincts, Melrose Heights, Shandon Annex and Rose Hill, have been absorbed in the new city wards, 9 and 10, and Palmetto precinct has been created, these changes in the political map of the county being before the committee for consideration. A new box is wanted at Pontiac No. 2, in Blythewood township, the petition for this box carrying 101 names; also a new box is wanted at Bellview school house, in Upper township, the petition carrying 52 names; also at Horrell Hill, No. 2 that petition carrying 66 names; and also at Mill Creek, near Lykesland in Center township. Mill Creek claiming 70 present at organization with a number of other eligible.

Members of the executive committee are:

Arden – J. D. Goldson, College Place.

Ballentine – J. W. Lindler, Ballentine.

Bear Creek – E. J. Wilson, R. F. D., Blythewood.

Blythewood – W. W. Cloud, Blythewood.

Brown’s Chapel – Wiley Jones, R. F. D., Lykesland.

Colonial Heights – J. B. Kirkland, (Colonial Heights), Columbia

Dentsville – T. A. Wilson, Dentsville.

Eastover – Alfred Scarborough, Eastover.

Eau Clair – W. F. Blackburn, 3812 Main street.

Edgewood – Charles Newman, Route 3, Columbia.

Folk – Carl H. Derrick, Irmo.

Gadsden – J. B. Williams, Gadsden.

Garners – E. O. DuBose, Eastover.

Hampton – O. N. Daniels, Route 4, Columbia.

Holly Grove – W. D. Ballentine, Blythewood.

Hopkins – James A Clarkson, Hopkins.

Horrell Hill – D. P. Cloaninger, R. F. D., Lykesland.

Killian – James Lever, Route 3, Columbia.

Lakeview – John Hughes Cooper, Columbia.

Lykesland – William Rawls, Lykesland.

Midway – J. W. Dennis, Route 5, Columbia.

Nates – J. S. Huffman, Route 2, Columbia.

Olympia – K. R. Kreps, Law Range, Columbia.

Palmetto – W. W. Easterling, Law Range, Columbia.

Pontiac – J. A. Riley, R. F. D., Blaney.

Slighs – T. E. Clark, Route 1, Columbia.

Spring Hill – J. L. Sites, White Rock.

Summerville – Y. L. Addy. Peak.

Taylor’s Store – George W. Taylor, Jr., Route 1, Columbia.

Wayside – C. H. Hinnant, Bookman,

Ward 1-R. Beverly Sloan, Palmetto building, Columbia.

Ward 2- Ashley C. Tobias, Jr., Palmetto building, Columbia.

Ward 3 – Dr. C. C. Stanley, Sumter at Blanding, Columbia.

Ward 4, No. 1 – J. S. Verner, Law Range, Columbia.

Ward 4, No. 2 – Charles S. Henry, 1929 Assembly street, Columbia.

Ward 5, No. 1 – Tom B. Pearce, C. C. Pearce and company, Columbia

Ward 5, No. 2 – W. C. Mills, 810 Zipzag street, Columbia.

Ward 6 – Clarence Richards, 1000 Maple street, Columbia.

Ward 7 – Ollie Mefford, 2309 Gervais street, Columbia.

Ward 8- T. B. Roach, Palmetto Candy company, Colubia.

Ward 9 – I. F. Belser, Loan & Exchange Bank Building, Columbia.

Ward 10 – Mrs. H. A. Donelan, 2700 Wheat street, Columbia.

May 9, 1928 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 2

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