Columbian Complaints of Blaney Speed Trap

To the Editor of The Record:

It seems from a press report in The Record from Camden that the executive committee of the Young Men’s Business league of that city has decided to place signs on the Jefferson Davis high between Camden and Blaney warning motorists of the speed trap. This is timely and highly to be commended.

Our own chambers of commerce and auto association should cooperate in this matter as this nuisance has already cause much criticism of our whole state by motorists beyond our bounds, and not altogether without reason as they must judge all of us by the treatment received within our borders.

In September, I was a victim of this hold-up, and while trying to out talk the officer, needless to say with out effect, he advised me that he had been on duty a little over thirty days and the receipt he gave me, for the $5 extracted, was number 80. Even at this rate it is seen he had turned in over $400 in his short period of activity. But many fine are much higher. THerefore, it is reasonable to suppose this unfair “tax” had amounted to much more than $400 at the time I fell a victim.

As an evidence of prosperity, when I was trapped the officer was riding a very dilapidated machine, but on going through there later he was equipped with the very latest and most up-to-date motorcycle.

The highway through Blaney has been changed so that it does not go through the town and a speed of even over 35 miles an hour should in no way be dangerous.

Visitors to Columbia during fair week and to our football games naturally driving a little faster than usual, have paid a heavy toll, not to mention tourists, who seeing no reason at Blaney, to cut down below a safe road speed.

If this nuisance is not stopped, tourists will avoid Jefferson Davis highway through South Carolina, and we will lose not only the money they bring into the state, but what is worse the good will of those we are anxious to welcome among us.

R. W. Crosland.
2810 Devine St.
Columbia, S. C.

November 22, 1927  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 2

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