Printers in Public Life

Men true to the principles of unionism may well be trusted in public affairs and several union printers are now doing good work for the state and their community.

Julian P. Shelby deserves first mention, for many years ago E. J. Watson, the first commissioner of agriculture of this state, appointed him an oil inspector and so faithfully has he performed his duties that he is regularly reappointed by succeeding commissioners. Mr. Shelby was formerly secretary-treasure of local union No. 34.

Dowell E. Patterson probably should come next because of his prominence as president of the State Federation of Labor and his being a member of the Charleston delegation in the legislature. Mr. Patterson is an old member of No. 34, and though he represents Charleston his parents live here.

W. T. Walker has been clerk to the printing committee of the state of South Carolina since that office was created several years ago and it would be hard to find a better man for the place.

Charles S. Henry is secretary to the Richland county democratic organization and the office has never been filled by a more efficient officer.

J. D. Bailey left the linotype some months ago and went to Blaney to become a cotton factor and made friends enough by his fair dealings to be elected mayor of the town.

Many others are competent to hold office but content themselves by doing their bit in building homes, paying taxes and performing the ordinary functions of good citizenship.

-R. N. W.

November 20, 1927  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 8

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