Kershaw County Farmers to Make War on Weevils

(Special to The Record)

CAMDEN, S. C., Oct. 8. – A meeting of the farmers of the Blaney section was held in the Blaney school auditorium Thursday evening. J. W. Sanders, county agent, presided, Mr. Sanders stated the object of the meeting, which was to get the co-operation of the farmers in the important matter of killing the cotton stalks now before frost in order to destroy as many of the boil weevils as possible in order that a better crop of cotton can be made next year. It was highly desirable, Mr. Sanders stated, to have the community as a whole to enter upon this work of destroying a big crop of boil weevils that will be sure otherwise to be ready to share-crop with the farmers if steps are not taken at this time.

L. I. Guion was introduced and made a very clear statement of the situation, speaking from actual tests and experience he had made on his own farm. His talk was very instructive and was listened to with a grate deal of interest. Among other things pointed out by Mr. Guion was that the newspapers could be a big help in impressing the farmers with the necessity of destroying the cotton stalks now, and he told how this might be done, and emphasized the fact that to cut the stalks down and allow the growth from the stalks to continue would only be furnishing food for the weevils, and suggested that after the stalks are cut down that the roosts be plowed up and utterly destroyed so that there would be no chance for the boil weevil to exist upon them.

C. W. Birchmore, editor of The Messenger, who attended the meeting, was called upon and responded briefly.

Professor Traxler, in charge of the vocational instruction of the Blaney school, spoke briefly, and expressed his readiness to co-operate with farmers in this work. Every one present appeared to be in accord with the views expressed, although the attendance was not as large as was desired. There were a number of ladies present, and several colored famers.

October 9, 1927  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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