Several Richland Farmers Make Good Tobacco Crops; McMaster makes 1,000 Pounds to Acre

Approximately 200 acres of tobacco were planted in Richland County this year according to Rhett Clark, county agricultural agent, and the average yield has been something over 700 pounds in acre. The yield was lowered somewhat by some the unfavorable season, but some of the tobacco planters got as much as 1,000 pounds to the acre.

The most successful of the tobacco farmers, according to Mr. Clark, was S. B. McMaster of Columbia, who had about 20 acres of his farm, Good Will, near the Wateree river bridge in Lower township, devoted to tobacco culture. Mr. McMaster averaged over 1,000 pounds to the care of good tobacco. This makes a rather profitable crop, according to Mr. Clark, with tobacco selling at 15 cents a pound and above and a ready market near hand.

Other Richland county farmers trying tobacco raisings though probably not as successful as Mr. McMaster, were: D. T. Holt and A. B. Parker of Wateree; S. N. Wiggins, C. W. Wiggins and D. P. Cloaninger of Lykesland; T. E. Ross of Blaney; S. N. Brown of Blythewood and D. T. Parrott of Columbia.

In speaking of the care to be taken of the crop, Mr. Clark said that it requires more attention than cotton, going through such states as planting, picking leaf by leaf, drying, stringing and tieing. Under good weather conditions, the average should run over 1,000 pounds to an acre. Even this year, under adverse weather conditions, Mr. Clark said, practically all of those raising tobacco would realize a comfortable profit, and all of them are anxious to try it again next year.

Asked where the Richland county farmers are marketing their crop of tobacco, Mr. Clark said that practically all of it would be disposed of in the markets at Timmonsville and Sumter. Figuring that 200 acres were planted in tobacco and that the average was 700 pound to the acre, this would make the yield for Richland county approximately 140,000 pounds. At 15 cents a pound, and with a yield of 140,000 pounds, the value of the tobacco crop of Richland county this year would be around $21,000.

September 16, 1927  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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