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Camden, September 10 – Among the outstanding social events of last week was a charraing bridge party given by Mrs. C. M. Yates to Mrs Algennon Smith of Charleston, who is her house guest. The tables were arrange amidst a setting of bright summer flowers for 12 players.

Mrs. Yates entertain the following: Mrs. W. M. Shannon, Mrs. J. T. Kirkland, Mrs. Henry Savage, Mrs. D. A. Boykin, Mrs. B. O. Boykin, Mrs. Guthrie, Mrs. John Corbett, Misses Lilia Shannon and Charlotte Shannon. Mrs. Shannon won top score, Miss Lelia Shannon cut the consolation and Mrs. Smith was presented with a memento of the occasion. The hostess served a salad coure followed by ices.

Miss Thomasia Guthrie has as her house guest this week, the Misses Elizabeth DeLorme, Ethel Stucky and Elizabeth Parrot of Sumter.

Miss Sue Maile is at home for a short stay before returning to Staunton, Virginia, where she is an instructress in one of the schools there.

Mrs. William Beaty and children left Sunday for their home in Florence after a month’s stay in Camden with relatives.

Miss Frances Bissle went to Richmond last Thursday where she has a position. Miss Bissle was accompanied by her mother, Miss Leroy Wooten.

The American Legion auxiliary met Friday the 9th at 4:30 PM at the home of Mrs. Carl West on Chestnut Street.

The friends of Mrs. Ernest Spong of Charlotte, who has been with her parents here, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Blakeney, are delighted to know that she is improving rapidly after an operation at the Camden hospital last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Elchel of St. Louis are visiting Mrs. Elchel’s parents on Fair Street.

Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Hough and son have returned from a motor trip to Saint Joseph, Missouri. They enjoyed camping along the way and have had a delightful holiday of three weeks.

Miss Alice Searcy entertained the young matrons Bridge club last Wednesday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ralph Shannon. Among those present were: Mrs. Nettles Lindsay, Miss Agnes DePass, Mrs. J. K. DeLoach, Mrs. I. L. Clyburn, Mrs. Chapman Barrett, Mrs. Charles Green and Mrs. Thornwell Hay, Jr.

Last Friday night the boy scouts of Camden had the pleasure of hearing John Moroso of Columbia, one of the leading scouts of the state, make a talk in their hall. Mr. Moroso is an Eagle Scout and has been the winner of 31 merit badges. Mr. Moroso’s father and younger brother, also an Eagle Scout, gave helpful talks to the boys.

Mrs. Ernest Gay and Son, Ernest Gay, Jr., from Babalon, Illinois are visiting at the home of Willie Naile. Mrs. Gay, before her marriage was Miss Cammilla Moore, formerly of Camden, now of New York.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Whitaker have returned from a two week’s camp at Camp Loney. While there they had as their guests Mr. and Mrs. Alford Kennedy from West Wateree. Fishing and swimming were enjoyed and last Friday night about 20 of their friends from town were invited to a delightful fish fry.

Mrs. W. L. Dixon of Florida was a visitor to her aunt, Mrs. Rebecca West, on Littleton Street this week.

The U. D. C. meeting at Mrs. Emma Villenigues Monis was a very pleasant one. About 26 members were present. After the hostess meeting was over, Mrs. Villenigues and Mrs. James (unable to read) will be in the home of Miss Minnie Clyburn on North Broad street.

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Watts of Crescent City, Florida, who have been spending the summer in the mountains of North Carolina, we’re in Camden last week the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Watts.

Last Tuesday evening Miss Annabel wants entertained at her home on Fair Street about 40 of her young friends. Games and contest for the feature of the affair, after which punch and cake were served by Miss. Watts. Mrs. J. A. Watts served at the punch bowl. Several out-of-town friends were guest, among them being: Miss Ottie Lee Robinson and Alva Gaskins of Kershaw; J. W. Denny of Tennessee; Mr. Schneider of Columbia; Miss Mary Graves of Pageland, and Jack Ross and Harry Ross of Blaney.

Last Wednesday evening at 6 o’clock, Mrs. Charlie Trapp honored Mrs. Hoyt Trapp, who before her recent marriage was Miss Jesse Horton of Westfield, with a charming party at her home on Fair street. Many friends were present and showered the bride with handsome and useful gifts as well as good advice. A prize was given for the best advice given, which was one by Mrs. J. A. Watts, this was handed her by the bridegroom’s small sister, Virginia May. During the evening several musical numbers were given. The hostess served block ice cream and assorted cakes.

Mrs. Gene Lind is the house guest of her sister, Mrs. Frank Wooten, on Fair street. Mrs. Lind is pleasantly remembered here as Miss Lucile Brady of Bradenton, Fla. Since her marriage she has lived in Miami.

Tuesday night the Y. P. S. L. of the Episcopal church gave a delightful supper to the new girls and boys of the organization, who are leaving for different colleges. Eight tables or delightfully arranged for the Y. P. S. L. and their honored guests, the latter occupying the center table. Miss Louise Lang, Virginia Nicholson, Thomasia Guthrie and Faith DeLoach being the grils and Moultrie Burns and John Richardson the boys. Place cards were orginal as well as the favors. The supper was delightful and well served. It was held at the home of Miss Adele Savage and was a charming affair and lovely thought on the part of the Y. P. S. L.

September 11, 1927  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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