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At Horrell Hill

A number of young folk surprised Miss Cora Harmon at her home at Horrell Hill at a birthday party which also complimented Jasper Harmon.

Music and games were enjoyed, and later in the evening the guests were invited into the dining room where the two pretty birthday cakes with pink tapers were placed on a table. Ice cream and cake were served to the following guests: Misses Cora Harmon, Laurie Halbert and Rena Halbert, Miriam Daniels, Annie Laurie Daniels and Mary Vinne Daniels, Cora Alice Harmon, Cleo Evans and Nell Evans of Blaney, Ruby Kelly, and Edna Fay Kelly, Mary Stuckey of Bishopville, Minnie Reese and Leora Reese, Mattie Lucius, Mary Fudge, Eloise Cotton of Eastover, Mrs. D. Kelly, Mrs. Robert Gilmore, Mrs. Minnie Gilmore, Mrs. R. L. Harmon, Jasper Harmon, of Eastover, Jim Halbert and Arthur Halbert, Joe Harmon of Eastover, Jodie Daniels and Raymond Daniels, Tom Smith, Walter Kelly, Norwood Reese, Francis Lucius, Edward Mickel, D. B. Kelly of Macon, Ga., Will Harmon and Charlie Harmon, J. L. Cotton of Eastover, Robert Gilmore, R. L. Harmon. Many pretty and useful gifts were on display in the living room.

August 13, 1927  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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