Miss Mary Davis, Child Placing bureau; Baby Harry Parker, 1219 Ashley avenue, and Miss D. B. Anderson, 918 Henderson street, are among the new patients at the Columbia hospital.

Among those leaving the Columbia hospital are; R. C. Lucas, Greensboro: Mrs. P. M. Scott, 1612 Bull street: Mrs. Nannie Green, 3406 Main street: Miss Leila Prevost, 724 Green street; W. A. Sanders, Blaney: A. J. Davis, J. A. Caston, Mrs. Edna Slice, and Mrs. Pearl Taylor.

New patients at the Baptist hospital include; Mrs. J. B. Bogen, Denmark; Miss. Roxie Sawyer, Monetta, Mrs. J. A. Bundy, Clio; Mrs. W. G. Sigmon, 1309 Gladden street and Mrs. J. V. McCall, 1822 Lower street.

Among those leaving the Baptist institution are: Mrs. A. T. Livingston, North; Mrs. Amanda Derrick, Ballentine: Mrs. D. F. Miles, 1818 Barnwell street, Mrs. Harry Thayer, Walterboro; H. T. Derrick, Leesville; J. J. Sharpe, Jr., North and Mrs. E. H. Roberts, 1413 Taylor street.

January 15, 1927  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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