Party For Georgia Guest

Among the parties given during the Christmas holidays was one given Thursday evening by Miss Dida Rose at her home on Laurel streets, in honor of Miss Sara Drew of Douglas, Ga., who has been the guest of Miss Eda Faye Kelly. The hall and living room were thrown together and decorated with cedar, red and green streamers, wreaths and bells. As the guests arrived they were asked to register.

Cleo Evans and Harry Dixon, Ruby Kelly, Llewellyn Nicholson and Sidney Belue were the winners in contests. Music was furnished throughout the evening by Mable McCauley and Ruby Kelly.

In the receiving line were Misses Dia Rose, Granelle Percival and Lena Rose of Blaney. In the living room were Misses Sara Drew, the guest of honor, Zola Rose and Eda Faye Kelly.

Punch was served in the dining room. Mrs. L. Perry and Mrs. J. T. Rose presided at the punch bowl.

Later in the evening a sweet course was served to about 35 guest.

Mrs. Willie Kelly assisted in entertaining.

January 2, 1927  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 14

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