Farm Lands

For Sale – 717 acres of land, about 300 acres cleared, most all stumped, most all dark blue soil, practically level. All of this tract of land is under barbed wire fence, three cow pastures, four hog lots fenced, 10 acres of burr clover just seeded, coming nicely. One this farm is one nice 7-room dwelling painted white, one 6-stall stable and 4 barns, smokehouse and storeroom altogether, with 2 houses, enough to care for 3 cars, 6 tenant houses, all from 2 to 5 rooms, barns to take care of all crops at each place and good water at all places. Also one large gin house and gin and press good as new, corn mill, lathe mill and planer; also 2 nice fish ponds, well stocked with bass, bream and other fish; also plenty of quail and doves and other small game on place. Fruit on place for home use, pears, apples, peaches, plums and cherries. Timber on place to keep it up, wood and poplar enough to pay for it twice. right on good public road, 2 1/2 miles to high school and church, town and depot on Seaboard railway; 12 miles to Camden, 21 miles to Columbia. Good reason for selling – parties too old to handle farm. Will include land and all machinery for quick sale for the low sum of $25 per acre cash and would consider small place as part of pay in good locality near good school and churches at the right price and right house on it. This is a real pickup. Let me hear from you at once if you are interested or come and look for yourself. Also would sell corn, feed, mules, cows and hogs at a low price if parties wanted them. J. L. Kirkland, Sr., Rt. 2, Box 35, Blaney, S. C.

January 2, 1927  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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