Magistrate Race Results In Death

Peter Kirkland Shot at Blaney.


Shooting Follows Fisticuff in Altercation Over Campaign of Slayer’s Cousin.

Special to The State.

Blaney, Sep. 14 – Peter Kirkland, 25, was shot and mortally wounded here late this afternoon by Elmo Jeffers, the difficulty supposedly arising over a magistrate’s race between Jeffer’s cousin, Thomas C. Jeffers, who was defeated by G. D. Watson.

It appears that the two men had previously had an altercation and engaged in a fisticuff but the trouble quieted down. Later on Jeffers, according to the testimony heard at the coroner’s inquest stepped between two other men and commencing firing at Kirkland, who stood about 12 feet away, with his left side toward Jeffers, and as the shooting began, held his arms outstretched as if in an attempt to protect himself from the bullets.

The shot which resulted in the young man’s death struck his left arm and entered beneath it, passing through the chest. Two other shots fired by Jeffers caused only flesh wounds one passing through the small of the back. Kirkland died a few minutes after the shooting.

Kirkland was a son of John L Kirkland and was married an d the father of one child.

The verdict of the coroner’s jury was that Peter Kirkland came to his death by gunshot wounds at the hands of Elmo Jeffers.

Special to The State.

Camden, Sept. 11. – In a more than four cornered fight in which it is said, eight men engaged, Elmo Jeffers, aged 30, married man with four children, shot and instantly killed Peter Kirkland, aged about 25 years, married man and father of one child, at Blaney this afternoon about 4:30 o’clock.

The trouble is said to have arisen over an election quarrel in which a free for all fight ensued. The two men first engaged in a fist fight and Jeffers pulled a 38 special and fired four shots, three of which took effect under the left arm and one through the arm. The trouble occurred near the voting precinct and was witnessed by many.

Sheriff Grover C. Welsh and Sheriff-elect J. H. McLeod, accompanied by Coroner W. F. Russell, went to the scene.

September 15, 1926  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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