Columbia Voters Hear Candidates

County Speaking at Court House Tonight.

Voters of Columbia will tonight at 8 o’clock at the Richland county hourse hear candidates for county offices with the exception of those candidates offering for the state legislature. Tomorrow night at 8 o’clock candidates fro the legislature will be heard at the court house.

Next Saturday morning at 10 o’clock at the Richland county court house candidates for the various state offices will speak to the voters of Columbia.

It was learned yesterday from C. H. Henry, secretary of the county Democratic executive committee, that registration fee and postage of those desiring to use the absentee vote would be 17 cents instead of 12 cents as has been advertised.

Following is a list of the Democratic clubs of Columbia and vicinity, and their addresses:

Arden, L. L., Riley, College Place.
Ballentine, J. B. Derrick, Ballentine.
Bear Creek, R. S. Allen, Blythewood.
Blythewood, Tom Branham, Blythewood.
Brown’s Chapel, Walter E. Davis, Lykesland.
Dentsville, Miss Carrie Spivey, State Park.
Eastover, T. S. Armour, Eastover.
Eau Claire, E. J. Zobel, 4400 Main street, Columbia.
Edgewood, Charles Newman, Route 3, Columbia.
Folk, C. H. Derrick, Irmo.
Gadsen, R. G. DuBose, Gadsden.
Garner’s, G. B. Tyson, Route 1, Eastover
Hampton, Mrs. O. N. Daniels, Columbia, Route 4.
Holly Grove, Ross Broom, Blythewood.
Hopkins, J. W. Gorman, Hopkins.
Horrell Hill, H. E. Young, Congaree.
Killian, W. F. Coleman, Route 3, Columbia.
Lakeview, B. T. Davis, Route 3, Columbia.
Lykesland, Mrs. E. R. Daniels, Lykesland.
Melrose Heights, B. D. Refo, 2209 Hagood, Columbia.
Midway, J. D. Terry, Route 5, Columbia.
Nates, A. B. Nunnamaker, Route 2, Columbia.
Olympia, P. M. Mooney, 1147 Olympia Ave., Columbia.
Pontiac, J. T. Monroe, Blaney.
Rosehill, C. H. Gerald, 231 S. Waccamaw, Columbia.
Shandon Annex, Phil H. Morgan, 3122 Third Ave., Columbia.
Slighs, Allie J. Lever, Route 1, Columbia.
Spring Hill, H. W. Chapman, Chapin.
Summerville, W. H. Kohn, Peake.
Taylor’s Store, J. H. Blume, Route 1, Columbia.
Wayside, R. R. Hinnant, Bookman.
Ward 1, Mrs. Earl W. Sloan, Columbia.
Ward 2, H. N. Edmunds, Columbia.
Ward 3, John T. Duncan, Columbia.
Ward 4, No. 1., E. T. Cato, Keenan Apartments, Columbia.
Ward 4, No. 2., Chas. S. Henry, Columbia.
Ward 5, No. 1, J. B. Fennell, 1102 Whaley, Columbia.
Ward 5, No. 2, Gary Paschal, 101 Williams St., Columbia.
Ward 6, W. P. Etchison, Columbia.
Ward 7, Ollie Mefford, Columbia.
Mrs. Leon Hook, Columbia.

August 24, 1926  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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