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A pretty children’s party was given on Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. J. B. Webster at her home on Marshall street in celebration of the eleventh birthday of her son, Albert. Various games were played on the lawn and little Misses Margaret Goza and Louise Tidwell gave exhibitions of the “Charleston.” Little Ruth Tallon entertained the children with several vocal solos. Later in the afternoon the guest were united into the dining room, where the hostess, assisted by Misses Minnie Lee Webster and Jessie Lee DeLoach served a pink and white ice course.

The guest were: Albert Webster, Viola Sloan and Joe Sloan. Margaret Goza, Jemille Bush. Wade Reynolds, Helen Tallon, Ruth Tallon, R. C. Tallon, Louis Wells, Louise Tidwell and Sam Tidwell, J. D. Edwards and John Edwards, Billy Joy, Mildred Jenkins, Frances Sharpe, Minnie Bee Kell, Margaret Easler and T. G. Easler.

The Lemon Girls of the Colonial Heights Baptist Sunday school and their friends enjoyed a picnic on Tuesday evening when they motored out to Caughman’s pond. Mrs. E. C. Goza, and Mrs. Ida Glover were chaperones.

The Eau Claire Baptist Sunday school enjoyed its annual picinic at Boyden Arbor on Thursday.

The pupils of the Columbia School of Music held their recitals at Sateriee hall on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Among Mrs. Pearle Kibler’s pupils from Colonial Heights taking part on the program were:

Dorothy McCain, Margaret Goza, Walter Bird Kester, Ella Corpening, Mary Wells, Dorothy Joy, Helen Addison, Billy Kester, Nan Reynolds, Edythe Cooper, Katherine Powell, Caroline Taylor, Frances Wallace and Annie Laurie Mitchell. The graduates and a number of highly advanced pupils will play on Monday evening, when the Glee Club will sing and the medals will be awarded.

Misses Margaret Freeman and Bessie Freeman entertained a group of friends Friday evening. The hostesses served ice cream and cake to about thirty-five guest.

Miss Maude Jumper, accompanied by a nephew, Bonnie Coyle, Jr., left last week for Chicago where she will visit a sister, Mrs. Sidney Grierson.

W. C. Childers has returned to his home in Batesburg after visiting his aunt, Mrs. J. C. Livingston on Marshall street.

Miss Enda Haltiwanger visited her grandfather, J. E. Haltiwanger, near Irmo during the week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gist and their son, William Gist, of Carlisle, were the recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Jackson in Arden.

Rev. J. Hubert Noland is now in Florida, having been called there on account of the illness of his sister, Mrs. James N. Shedd.

Miss Rita Reynolds from Lamar was the weekend guest of Mrs. Wade H. Reynolds on Central avenue.

Miss Inez Bush, Mrs. O. H. Galbreath, and Mrs. W. H. Wingo visited in Ridgeway last week.

Miss Lucile Denkins of Lugoff is visiting Miss Virginia McCabe on King street.

Charles DeLoach has returned to his home on Grand street after an extended visit to friends and relatives in Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama.

Miss Alice Vickman and son, Fritz Vickman, of Georgetown are visiting Miss Vickman’s sister, Mrs. C. A. Starns on King street.

Mr. and Mrs. oe Mosley of Camden and Miss Ethel Starns are the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Starns on Grand street.

Mrs. Ida Glover and Mrs. E. C. Goza motored to Orangeburg during the week.

Mrs. W. M. Addison who has been confined to her bed for about five weeks is still ill.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Webster and children, Minnie Lee Webster and Albert Webster, accompanied by Miss Jessie Lee DeLoach, motored to Blaney on Wednesday to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Webster’s mother, Mrs. J. S. Ross.

The Woman’s Auxiliary of the Eau Claire Presbyterian church will meet at 4:30 o’clock on Monday in the recreation hall.

The Bible class of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Eau Claire Presbyterian church will meet at 4:30 on Friday afternoon in the Recreation hall. Mrs. M. C. McDermid will be the speaker for the afternoon.

Ernest Walker left Monday for Conway where he spent a few days before going to Rock Hill to attend the Winthrop Summer school.

Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Jones have returned from a trip to Ashville where they visited their daughter, Lila Mae Jones, and Mr. Jones’ brother, Charlie Jones.

Miss Lillian Jones is making an extended visit to her sister, Miss Lila Mae Jones, in Ashville, while Miss Ruby Jones is visiting a cousin, Miss Sarah Jones.

Mrs. Carl Proffitt of Florida is visiting a sister, Mrs. J. S. Leech, coming here from Walterboro, where she attended the funeral of her father, J. E. Henderson.

Mrs. Daisy King of Sumter was the guest of Mrs. G. W. Sloan on King street last week.

Mrs. E. L. Crooks left Tuesday for Rock Hill where she will attend the summer school of music at Winthrop.

Mrs. Raymond Young of Winnsboro came down Thursday to accompany her mother, Mrs. C. C. Muller and Sister, Miss Dorothy Muller to Charleston for the weekend.

Mrs. J. G. McEachin and three children, Maxy McEachin, Billy McEachin, and James McEachin of Walterboro, N. C., and the guests of Mrs. G. S. Kester on Central avenue.

Mrs. R. S. Coleman left Friday for Jacksonville, Florida, where she will spend about a month.

J. L. Woodward of Chester visited his sister, Mrs. S. E. Weir on Grand street.

Mr. and Mrs. O’Hare Fraser of Walterboro were the week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. L. Freeman on Liberty street.

June 20, 1926  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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