Winning His Fight For Life

Young Columbian farmer was given up to die. Praises the great HERB EXTRACT known as HERB JUICE.

Nearly all of my life I have suffered with poor health. Long nights of agony followed by days when the weakened body could hardly seem to stand any longer. Twenty years ago I was given up to die. The doctors told my people I could not get well but I refused to quit. I always felt that there was a medicine somewhere that would help me.

Above is part of the statement of Mr. A. B. Cooper well known and popular farmer living out on the road between Columbia and Blaney, S. C.

Continuing he said, “it was a long hard pull. It seemed I was sick all over. I was constipated so badly that at times I would have to get something special from the doctor and I would always tell him to give me twice as much as anyone else. Ordinary medicines were like so much water to me.

I ached all over. Had bilious attacks with vomiting. My nights were long hours of restless tossing and pains. I would rise in the morning sick from the wretchedness of the night. I couldn’t touch a mouth full of breakfast 0 the remainder of my meals was very light. I have lived for days on raw eggs and salt with sweet milk to drink. If I had given up I would have been dead long ago but I always believed that somewhere there was a medicine that would help me.

I kept trying different medicines but it seemed that the best they could do for me was to help for a little while. I had almost lost hope of finding the right one and when my father brought home this great HERB EXTRACT known as HERB JUICE it remained on the shelf a week before I tried it.

At last after coaxing I tried a few doses and now at last I believe I have found the right medicine.

This HERB JUICE is pleasant to take. It will work my bowels like nothing else ever did and I gradually decreasing the dose. I am getting into a regular bowel habit every day. My system is being cleansed so that I feel better all over. I can rest better at night and I have an appetite for breakfast every day.

The one bottle of HERB EXTRACT known as HERB JUICE was worth more to me than all the others put together and there will always be a bottle in our house.

I am glad to recommend it to everyone who needs a thorough system cleanser made of nature products.

Mrs. Cooper adds her testimonials to that of her husband saying. It is the most wonderful medicine I ever heard of. I will never take another dose of Calomel as long as I live and can get HERB JUICE.

I was constipated and bilious subject to sick headaches and felt badly all over. This HERB JUICE has made me feel like new. It is real medicine and does just what it is advertised to do. I will advise any of my friends to give it a trail.

Cooper, Jr., a fine boy about 10 years wanted to recommend the medicine also. He said I take HERB JUICE and I like it” so in this house HERB JUICE is real family medicine with everyone recommending it.

This great laxative medicine, is an HERB EXTRACT preparation known as “HERB JUICE.” and is outselling any medicine where he has been introduced. Hundreds and calling daily to see the special demonstrator at his headquarters, Wingfield Drug Store, 1443 Main Street, Columbia. Many voluntarily giving statements for publication praising this great medicine then their friends may be induced to take it.

June 13, 1926  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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