Breadford Lands Screen Contract For Winthrop

“It is strange but true that A. A. Bradford of this city and member of the Exchange, always secures more contracts on a rainy day,” said an official of the exchange.

Mr. Bradford has been awarded the contract for all the fly screens on the dormitories at Winthrop college, which is a solid car of screens as manufactured by the W. J. Baker Company of Newport, Ky. Orders has also been placed for steel screens for all doors and windows for the home of C. M. Montgomery at Elloree, and he has just completed the screening in the residence for T. L. Little of Camden, S. C.

The installation of the screens in the Tobias Apartment of this city has been completed and contracts has been secured for the residences of Mr. Finkelstein and Mr. Fickling of this city. He is furnishing the screens for the office rooms occupied by the Carolina Life Insurance company, and has for shipment quite an elaborate pair of Quaker Oak doors fully equipped for the Edisto National Bank in Orangeburg.

Not only has he confined himself to the screening line, but he has secured contracts for Buckingham Virginia slate for the Presbyterian church building, and the Lutheran church in Shandon. Orders has also been placed with him for a car of mixed colors for a slate roof on the residence of Robt. Walker, Lafaye and Lafaye, architects. He has shipped to the Baptist church in Elloree, Mr. W. H. Bowen, Blaney, S. C., Presbyterian church, Denmark, S. C., and Sunday school building in Lancaster pressed steel porch columns as manufactured by the Union Metal Manufacturing company.

Glass and copper bars have been sold and delivered for five stores fronts on Taylor street in Columbia and has installed weather strips for doors and windows in the residence of Mr. Rich in Wales Gardens.

Mr. Bradford who has been in this business for some years says the outlook for building business is better than he has ever seen it,” and all we have to do is go after it.”

May 30, 1926  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 8

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