Brookland High Is Winner In Contest

(Special to The Record)

NEW BROOKLAND, S. C., Jan 30. Brookland High school triumphed over Blaney “Hi” Friday afternoon in a closely contested and interesting game of baskelll by the score of 19 to 18.

The Brookland lads had to overcome a nine point lead to win the battle. With eight minutes to play the Blaney team had doubled the score on their opponents – is 18 to 9. this got the Brookland Bees started and they began injecting a poisonous sting which charied them onward and upward to the onepoint victory.

H. Bundrick, Parnell and Shohane displayed a great ability for the victors while Nelson showed up best for victims.

The line up:

Brooklyn (19)Blaney (18)
Oxner(6) Roberts
H. Bundrick (10)F(4) O. Ross
JeffcoatC(8) Nelson
Shehane (2)GRose
Parnell (2)GJ. Ross

Substitutions: Brookland Hi Rikard (3) for Oxner, Kirby (2) for Jeffcoat.

January 31, 1926  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 3

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