Blaney High Beats Columbia Mills JRS

Blaney high school defeated the Columbia Mills Juniors in an exciting game of basketball Saturday afternoon at Blaney 21 to 20.

The battle was closely contested and the victory appeared to be anybody’s until the last minute of play.

Roberts and Nelson were the best bets for the victors, while Rikcard a high school student and Bundrick did spectacular shooting for the victims.

The line up:

C. M. Juniors (20)Blaney Hi (21)
DoyleF(4) O. Ross
Bundrick (8)F(6) Roberts
Rikard (12)F(4) Nelson
DewGJ. Ross
BusbeeG(1) Rose

Substitutions: Columbia Mills Juniors – Ellison for Doyle: Blaney – Moore (5) for O. Ross, Kell (1) for Rose.

January 26, 1926  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 3

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