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Gives Birthday Party

Mrs. Nathan C. Nelson entertained Thursday evening at a party at her home on Haskell avenue celebrating the 15th birthday of her daughter, Murry Bell.

The reception hall and living room, thrown together were made bright with potted plants and pink and white streamers, drawn from the corners of the room to the central chandelier. Music for the party was furnished by Misses Ruby Kelly and Mildred Evans.

Among the games played was a contest in which Miss Mildred Evans and Howard Rivers won the first prize, the lowest score prise falling to Misses Nellie Martin and Margaret Marsh. The guest then wrote birthday wishes in a little book, which were read aloud for the amusement of those present.

The snow white birthday cake with its 15 burning, pink candles was brougt in and served with ices by little Misses Daisy McCaskill and Lillian Lever.

Among the 25 guests were the following from other cities: Miss Mildred Fleming of Miami, Mrs. T. Watson and little daughter of Spartanburg, and Misses Mildren Evans and Clara Motley of Blaney.

August 23, 1925  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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