McSweney “Maxy” Roberts

McSweney “Maxy” Roberts was born December 24, 1900 the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgood William Roberts.

McSweney “Maxy” Roberts, 25 years of age and a prominent young farmer of near Pontiac, died at him home yesterday morning about 5 o’clock, June 4, 1925, his death following injuries received Wednesday morning when a heavy bucket of wet sand fell, a distance of about 40 feet, upon him while he was in at the bottom of a well which he was cleaning out.

The accident occurred Wednesday morning, June 4, 1925, about 10 o’clock on Mr. Roberts’ place. The young man alternated between consciousness and unconsciousness during the day and night. He regained consciousness after the impact during Wednesday afternoon ant it was thought he would recover he being able to eat a hearty supper. About 11 o’clock Wednesday night, however, he again lapsed into an unconscious state from which he did not recover, death coming at 5 o’clock Thursday morning.

It seems that a large bucket of wet sand which Mr. Roberts had just filled from the well had been drawn almost to the surface when the rope gave way, the bucket dropping about 40 feet upon him. It is thought the bucket struck the young man near the base of the neck and partly upon the shoulders.

Mr. Roberts, who was a highly respected young man in his community, leaves a young widow who to whom he has been married only a short time. He also is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Roberts; three sister, Misses Annie Roberts, Edna Roberts and Lillian Roberts, – and five brothers, Lexie Roberts, Olya Roberts, Oscar Roberts, Leroy Roberts and Brooks Roberts, all younger than their brother. All of the above survivors are from the Pontiac community.

Funeral services will be held at 10 o’clock this morning, June 5, 1925, at the Union Baptist church, near Blaney, and will be conducted by the pastor, the Rev. Mr. Harrelson. Interment will be in the churchyard.

Obituary Information:

June 5, 1925 State (published as The State)
Columbia, South Carolina
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