Blaney Loses Game

Ballentine Gets Big End of Baseball Encounter. Ballentine defeated Blaney yesterday afternoon on the Blaney Diamond by the score of 5 to 3. B. Meetze, for Ballentine, pitched a good game of baseball. He pulled himself out of a hole in the fifth inning by fanning three batters with the bases loaded. The batting honors of the afternoon went to Corley and D. Huffman. Corley … Continue reading Blaney Loses Game

In Pacific Mill Community

Boston Visitor Irving Southworth of Andoors, Mass., has been a welcome visitor in this community for several days of the outgoing week. Mother’s Party. The Kindergarten teachers entertained the mothers of their little pupils Friday evening at the Community building. The girls’ lobby was attractive with decorations of pink roses. The many mothers present laid off their years and cares and took part in youthful … Continue reading In Pacific Mill Community