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Free Shows Presented Over Kershaw County.

Special to The State.

Camden, Oct. 4 – The free motion picture service which was instituted last month by the county and home demonstration agents of Kershaw county, J. W. Sanders and Miss Madelyn Thompson, has met with such a popular response that a new series of showings has been started this week. Wednesday night at Midway school they showed to over 125 people, the following pictures: “Roads to Wonderland,” “White Pine, a Paying Crop,” and “Food for Reflection.” The schedule for the remainder of this series of showing is as follows: October 2, DeKalb school; October 3, Antioch school; October 4, Blaney; October 6, Timrod school; October 7, Westville; October 8, Pine Grove school; October, 10, three C’s schools.

October 5, 1924  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 15

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