Baptists To Hold Meeting At Blaney

Fairfield Association to Hold Fifty-fourth Session October 10-11. Program Arranged.

The 54th session of the Fairfield baptist association will be held with the Blaney Baptist church October 10-11.

The first day’s program will consist of devotional exercises to be conducted by the Rev. J. W. Horne, the Rev. J. K. Blair and the Rev. B. H. Yarborough. Other features will be the organization and election of officers, report of the chairman, the Rev. W. R. Rabb, on the order of business, report on religious literature by the Rev. J. Dean Crain, report on the $75,000,000 campaign by the Rev. T. C. Skinner, D. D. report on public morals by the Rev. A. Hartley, report on woman’s work by Mrs. T. O. Johnson and report on laymen’s work by Dr. T. A. Quattlebaum.

The second day’s session will open with devotional exercises by the Rev. G. C. Morse. This will be followed by reports on the benevolence, missions, stewardship and tithing, education, Sunday Schools, colportage and B. Y. P. U. work.

The Rev. H. B. Jones is moderator of the association and the Rev. A. B. Kennedy, clerk.

October 6, 1923  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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