Machines Collide on Camden Road

Five Person More or Less Seriously Hurt in Wreck Near Blaney. Special to The State. Camden, Oct. 24. – Wilbur Williams, 23, a salesman for J. A. Bridges & Co. at Heath Springs, and Misses Susie Bridges and Julia Bridges, also of Heath Springs, were brought to the Camden hospital this morning, suffering from hurts received in a head on collision near Blaney about 11 … Continue reading Machines Collide on Camden Road

Pursue Robbers And Gets Machine

Thieves Make Effort to Enter Store at Pontiac – Lose Car at Blaney. Robbers attempted to enter I. J. Jacob’s store at Pontiac early Saturday morning and a motor car was seized after the thieves had been pursued as far as Blaney. It developed yesterday that the robbers were driving a touring car reported stolen at Greenville. Warren Sanders, magistrate at Pontiac, and J. T. … Continue reading Pursue Robbers And Gets Machine