Indian Will Conduct Campaign At Blaney

Wateree Messenger. Some of the more interested people of Blaney and vicinity are planning for and looking forward to a season of evangelistic activity to begin in Blaney around the first of June. The services are to be held in the school auditorium. In addition to its, large seating capacity, the auditorium is equipped with a commodious stage admirably adapted for the use of a … Continue reading Indian Will Conduct Campaign At Blaney

Samuel Alexander Mattox Sr.

1860 Samuel Alexander Mattox was born on 01 Aug 1860 in Kershaw, South Carolina, USA a child of Isaac Samuel Mattox Jr and Annie Frances Rotan Mattox. 1870 Samuel Mattox was counted in the census on 27 Aug 1870 in Wateree, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA, as a 10-year-old, male, white. Also in the home was his father, Isaac S Mattox, Frances Mattox, Elisabeth Mattox, and … Continue reading Samuel Alexander Mattox Sr.