Little Cranshaw Girl Dies From Effects of Poisonous Snake Bite

Little Doris Cranshaw, seven-year-old daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Cranshaw, 1103 Woodrow street, died at 7:20 o’clock Thursday morning from the effects of a poisonous snake bike, received Tuesday, while near Balney in Company with a number of other boys and girls. Desperate efforts were made to save the life of the young girl, but they were in vain.

Little Doris and the other children with her were in a cornfield on the Kirkland place about seven miles from Blaney Tuesday afternoon when the snake buried its fangs in her leg. No one saw the reptile, however.

The little girl was barefooted and was trying to climb in the back of a wagon which a mule was drawing through the field. First the mule plunged and a moment later the child felt something strike her leg. The leg began to swell immediately and Doris was first taken to a doctor at Blaney who gave first aid. She was then brought back to Columbia and a hard fight made to save her life, a physician and two trained nurses being in constant attendance. She was very ill all day Tuesday and at times delirious, the heart action showing the effect of the poison. Despite the effort made all Tuesday and Wednesday to save her, the unfortunate child succumbed to the effects of the poison Thursday morning.

The mule bitten by the snake just before striking the child received the fangs on a hind leg. It has not been learned whether the animal is dead or not.

September 7, 1922  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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