Boys Arrested for Auto Theft

Two Texas Lads Held in Camden With Richmond Car – Kimball Heard at Blaney

Camden, June 20. – Two white lads, apparently about eighteen years of age, were arrested here Sunday by Constable W. L. Stokes and placed in jail, charged with stealing a new Dodge car. Tilford Stafford, of Dallas, Texas, and Dillard Britton, of Shreveport, La., were the names of the boys as they gave them. They were headed towards Camden Saturday afternoon, and on their way picked up three other boys who reside in this county, and were driving at a pretty lively clip, when they had an accident with the car. They turned the car suddenly to escape running into a wagon, and as they did so the car was turned over, breaking the top and windshield. They could not get the righted without help, so spent the night in the country. Sunday as they were at one of the railroad stations in the act of beating a ride on an out-going train, there were arrested and brought to the county jail and are being held for the theft of the car. They admitted taking the car in Richmond. The car had been run less than 2,000 miles. Mr. Stokes has wired to Richmond for information oncerning the ownership of the car.

Frank Hilton, a colored man, broke into the meat house of Lee Morgan in the Belmont section Saturday night and stole a lot of meat. A warrant was issued to search his house and the meat was located, and Hilton has been arrested and placed in jail to await trial.

City council is advertising for bids for the sale of $100,000 of bonds recently authorized by an election held here on June 18, for street paving. Bids will be received up to noon on the 14th of July. The bonds will bear interest at the rate of 5 per cent and run 40 years, with the privilege of redemption after 20 years.

A meeting was held at Blaney Sunday afternoon in the interest of the enforcement of law, and was addressed by Capt. J. W. Hamel, of Kershaw; Judge J. C. Kimball, of Columbia; W. B. DeLoach and W. L. Stokes of Camden and L. B. Evans of Blaney. The meeting was well attended. Belton Owens, of Camden, was chairman, and J. F. West acted as secretary.

June 20, 1922  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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