Negro in “Pen” for Attempted Attack on Girl

Camden, June 15. – A telephone message from Blaney requested officers here to come there Wednesday morning and assist in apprehending a negro boy, Bratton Boyd, who was charged with attempting to commit an assault upon a 13 year old white girl, Sheriff Welch, Chief of Police Whitaker and other officers and citizens left for the scene immediately. The boy was arrested in Camden while the searchers were scouring the country for him.

Boyd had been working for the parents of the girl whom he attempted to assault and had been given a check and he came here to have it cashed. When he attempted to cash the check he was taken in custody and placed in jail to await the identification.

The uncle of the boy identified him. The uncle went with the officers and tried to assist them in locating the boy, for he said he knew that if the citizens who were searching for the boy caught him first he would be put to death. Shortly after his identification at the Camden jail he was removed to the pen threats of lynching were made in Camden a guard was stationed at the jail out of precaution, and as soon as it was known that the right one had been captured the boy was removed to Columbia.

The attempted assault occurred in Richland county not far from the Kershaw county line, and the case will be tried in Columbia.

The mother of the girl had gone to the lot to milk her cow, with her little boy and when the girl creamed, the mother sent the boy back to see what the trouble was. A physician was summoned and it is not though that the child was seriously injured.

Officers placed in the state penitentiary at an early hour Thursday morning, Bratton Boyd, a young negro farm hand, who was arrested Wednesday afternoon at Camden on a charge of attempted criminal assault upon a 13 year old white girl of upper Richland. Boyd was arrested by Mayor Garrison of Camden. The negro was attempting to have a check cashed when Mayor Garrison placed him under arrest. Richland county officers were close behind Boyd when the arrest was made. Officers who questioned Boyd after his arrest said that their prisoner confessed he was the man they were seeking.

Boyd will be given a speedy trial as Richland criminal court will begin next Monday and Solicitor Spigner will hand out an indictment early in the week, charging Boyd with attempted criminal assault.

June 15, 1922  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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