The Kershaw County Democratic Executive Committee Met

The Kershaw county Democratic executive committee met recently and fixed the assessments of candidates as follows: State senator, $25; house of representatives, $20; sheriff, $30; probate judge, $30; auditor, $30; treasurer, $30; magistrate in DeKalb Township, $30; magistrate at Kershaw, $10; all other magistrates, $5. Ten campaign meetings were arranged, as follows; Blaney, August 14; Rabon’s Cross Road, August 15; Cleveland School House, August 16; Cassatt, August 17; Bethune, August 21; Raley’s Mill, August 22; Kershaw, August 23; Westville, August 24; Camden, August 28; Mill school house, August 28. There are several more speaking appointments this year than have heretofore been made, and are sufficient to keep the local candidates busy for two weeks before the election.

June 8, 1922  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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