Elizabeth Albert Evans

1848 Elizabeth Albert was born between 1848-1850 in South Carolina, USA. 1910 Elizabeth Evans was counted in the census on 28 Apr 1910 in Wateree, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA as a 60-year-old, female, widowed, white, mother-in-law. Also in the home was her son-in-law, Lit Branhan; her daughter, Carie Branhan; and grandchildren, Willie Branhan, Johnie Branhan, Eddie Branhan, Jim Branhan, Maggie Branhan, Thomas Branhan, and Albert … Continue reading Elizabeth Albert Evans

Glenn Kelley

1879 Glenn Kelley was born between 1879-1880 in South Carolina, USA as the first child of Daniel Thomas Kelley and Susan Gooding Kelley. 1880 Glenn Kelley as counted in the census on 03 Jun 1880 in Fairfield, South Carolina, USA, as a one-year-old, male, single, white, son. Also in the home was his father, Thos Kelley; his mother, Susan Kelley; and siblings, Diskin Kelley, Daniel … Continue reading Glenn Kelley