W. J. Eillott has the Ridgeway Hunting Club house and ground for sale, 22 acres entirely under mesh wire, on a eminence 700 fee altitude, beautiful hedge around the premises, elegant orchard, flower garden with rare shrubbery, three acres in pine grove, two-story club house, 20 rooms, sun parlor, two bath rooms, Parlor furnished with reed furniture, stove in every bedroom, Iron beds, dresser and washstands, art squares. Two dining rooms, furnished, table, chairs, buffet, large stove, McCray refrigerator, 1,500 pounds ice capacity. Laundry room, butler’s pantry furnished, 25,000 gallon tank, six horsepower motor, water and sewerage, cow barn with four, stalls, hay barn with 80 ton capacity, rat proof corn crib, 500 bushels capacity. One seven room kennel. ceiled and tongue and grooved flooring, large feed boiler, one three-room tenant house, rough ceiled, aides and overhead, two other kennels inclosed under five foot wire pen, one smoke house, one potato house, one coal bin, one two story barn and stables, dressed flooring maple dressers in eight rooms, one five room cottage worth $3,000, painted and nicely finished inside. Water to every stable, tenant house, cottage, in fact every building has water piped where necessary. This place will suit for a sanitarium, hunting club, community house, or training school for boys. Would cost $35,000 at present prices. Will sell for $17,000. Also 1,000 acres two miles from York, Rent $6,000; price $75,000. 255 acres 10 miles from Blaney, $3,000. This is a bargain. Seven room house, water and sewerage; on car line, lot 100 by 200; price $7,000. Near Killian, 117 acres. Cheap at $27.50 per acre, 70 acres, large barn, six room house, 50 acres, large barn, six room house, 50 acres under hog wire, two miles from city limits, $175 per acre, 46 acres, near 10 miles post on Monticello road, $20 per acre, 2,400 acres, 250 acres fine bottoms, suitable for cotton or cattle, $15 per acre. $120,000 to lend on farms or city property, W. J. Elliott, 304 Palmetto Building.

March 26, 1920  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
Advertisement  Issue 10595  Page 6

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