Fifty Marriages Christmas Week

Probate Judge Issued More Licenses Last Week Than Any Other During Year.

Fifty marriage licenses were issued during Christmas week, from the office of the probate judge of Richland County. This almost doubles the number issued during any other week of the year. But according to the probate judge, this is a regular Christmas week situation and every year at this time a large number of weddings are expected.

The following licenses were issued: Earl Boyd, Jr., and Susan E. Mills, Richland County; A. G. T. Basham and Sadie E. Easterling, Columbia; Eugene Brown and Emma Chestnut, Blaney; W. F. Barnes, Columbia, and Lela Alexander, Woodruff; John J. Broom and Lucille Carpenter, Columbia; John F. Clement and Mabel Brier, Columbia; Henry C. Cooper and Emma Cooley, Columbia; Archie Cook, Edgewood and Bertha White, Columbia; Robert Cooper and Lucinda Robertson, Hopkins; Edward R. Denney, Henderson, N. C., and Ellen I. Narey, Columbia; Alva R. Denham and Annie Farrell, New Brookland; E. P. Davidson, Akron, Ohio and Ethel Hamilton, North Carolina; Haskel Elkins and Annie Sanders, Richland County: Solomon Fox and Charlotte Parker, Lykesland; Jessie F. Gauce, Columbia, and Modelle Spires, Denmark: James Gacent and Lula Freeman, Columbia; Calvin Hudgens and Melissa Booker, Columbia; E. B. Heape, Savannah, Ga., and Rita Polk, Greenville; T. P. Hagan and Ella Sattlewhite; David H. Harmon and Mary I. Strange, Columbia; Mack C. Hinson and Lizzie Jackson, Columbia; Eddie I. Jenkins and Julia V. Pope, Columbia; Hampton Jacobs and Octavia Jacobs, Lykesland; S. O. Keels, Lynchburg, and Maude V. Perry, Columbia; John Kemm, Detroit, Mich, and Ellen Harper, Columbia; L. E. Leawell and Alice J. Martin, Sumter; Woodruff Lowman, Jr., Timmonsville and Lucille A. Williams, Columbia; Harry Mallory and Irene Davis, Richland County; Fred Moorman and Dorcia Washington, Columbia; Pete J. Nathan and Amy Tucker, Gadsden; Dennie C. Peagle, Cayce, and Maggie Spigner, New Brookland; E. L. Riley and Mary A. Monts, Blythewood; William E. Rose, California, and Olga Kurdam, Columbia; Handy Reed and Millie Fant, Columbia; M. Rouborough, Richland County and Jessie Williams, Pontiac; James Ruff and Nellie Taylor, Richland County; John R. Raynor and Bera Shiney, New Brookland; Herman Rucker, Calhoun County, and Blanche E. Racker, Lexington County; James Robinson and Alma Brown, Sumter County; James O. Starling and Bessie Thomas, Columbia; John M. Smoak and Annie Bell Derrick, Columbia; Frank Taylor and Elle Stormes, Columbia; David Toaley and Corrie E. Lyles, Columbia; K. E. Wallace and Maggie Dickert, Columbia; D. M. Watts and Jennie K. Wilson, Columbia; John W. Whitworth, Bookman, and Frances L. Hedgepath, White Oak; Herman P. Walters, Calhoun County, and Carrie Bell Healong, Columbia.

December 28, 1919  Columbia Record (published as The Sunday Record)
  Columbia, South Carolina
Page 15

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