Baptists Of The Fairfield Ass’n In Annual Meet

Sandy Level Church Near Blythewood is Hosts Large Gathering – Columbia Baptist Attend.

The Fairfield Baptist association met with the Sandy Level church, near Blythewood, yesterday. The organization was completed by the Rev. A. B. Kennedy of Columbia as clerk. Delegates from a majority of the churches were present, and it was decided to hold only a one day session, because of the prevalence of sickness in the community.

The first report was that on religious literature, which was presented by B. H. Yarbotough of Jenkinsville, which elicited a discussion favorable to the publication of the denomination. The Rev. J. P. Isenhower presented the report on aged ministers relief, and followed his paper with a spirited address in which he stressed the importance of the denomination caring for its war-worn veterans.

State missions were considered under a report of Shandon Baptist church of this city. Dr. W. T. Derieux, secretary of the State Baptist Convention Mission board, made an address, in which he pointed to the vast opportunities now confronting the denomination in North Charleston, where the national government is building a modern city, and where the Baptist board has already bought two lots for church purposes. Dr. Thomas J. Watts, secretary of Sunday school work for the Baptist in the state, followed Dr. Derieux in a speech upon his work.

The Rev. W. H. Whaley of Blaney, read the report on Home Missions, and the Rev. A. B. Kennedy, who as been Baptist camp pastor at Camp Jackson, spoke of his work, as comping jointly under the state and home mission boards. At this point the Camp Jackson Baptist church was recognized and admitted to membership in the body. This is a church which has been organized during the past year at Camp Jackson. The delegates present at the association indicate the homogenous character of the American army. They were J. E. Chavis, a Cherokee Indian; Alexander Stankeiwics, a naturalized Pole and W. L. Green of Alabama. These young men in uniform were welcomed to seats in the body, and participated in the activities of the association.

At the afternoon session, the devotional service was led by the Rev. Andrew Hartley, pastor of Broadway church, this city. The pastor of Sandy Level church, the Rev. A. B. Buckley, read the report on Foreign Missions, and a speech was made by the Rev. B. P. Roach, a returned missionary from China, who is now serving as pastor of the Tabernacle church of Columbia.

W. R. Rabb of Winnsboro made the report of the executive committee, which commented upon the removal and practical destruction of several churches by the government in making the artillery practice grounds in the vicinity of Camp Jackson. As several hundred square miles are involved in the acreage of the target practice ground, the homes of hundreds of persons have been razed and all the territory included in the space has been cleared of all houses. This means that not only several Baptist churches, but others as well have been demolished and the membership scattered.

The report on woman’s work, prepared by Mrs. C. E. Burts, was read by Mr. Watts, who followed the reading with a good speech on the loyalty liberality and intelligence of the women in religious work.

The report on the Baptist hospital, by Lieutenant Governor Bethea, was read by the clerk as Mr. Bethea, is now in the army. It recited the fact that the best year’s work is now being concluded, and paid fine tribute to the fidelity of the nurses i the epidemic of influenza. Superintendent Louis J. Bristow made the address on hospital, and he, too, dwelt upon the fine work of the young ladies of the hospital, 29 of whom fell victim to the influenza as a result of their labors.

The report of Connie Maxwell orphanage was read by Mr. Buckley, and Joseph Norwood, a member of the board of trustees, made the address, which was replete with striking facts relating to the care of orphans.

The next session of the association will be held at Blythewood, next October.

November 7, 1918  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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