County Board Calls 500 Men

A total of five hundred men have been called for examination by the exemption board for Richland county. The following one hundred have been called for examination on November 7:

Jack Campbell, care Carrier 31, Columbia.
John Junior Brown, R. 1, Eastover.
Arthur Barber, R. 1, Hopkins.
Louis Jacobs, R. 1, Lykesland.
Jodie Leroy Rawlinson, Congaree.
Georgia Jenkins, Congaree.
Ernest H. Bennett, R. 4, Columbia.
Green Diamond, R. 2, Lykesland.
Wm. Martin, 221 East Elmore avenue, Columbia.
John Henry Robertson, 1216 Gregg Street, Columbia.
Archie Gardner, R. 2. Hopkins.
George Simmons, R. 2, Lykesland.
Butler Smith, White Rock.
Wesley High Smith, Eastover.
Willie Weston, Eastover, R. 1.
Earl Watkins, 630 Sixth Street, Olympia.
Charlie Davis, Congaree.
Luther Calvin Noah Monts, R. 3, Blythewood.
Ezer Thompson, Blythewood.
Alfred Cooper, Edgewold.
Charley Yow, R. 2, Hopkins.
William Young Owings, Hyatt avenue, Columbia.
Andrew Calhoun Malone, R. 3, Columbia.
Zack George, R. 4, Royster, Columbia.
Jack Moye, Eastover.
William Stokes Pooser, 3805 Park street, Columbia
Osborne Tidwell, R. 1, Columbia.
Zeb Vance Webber, Eastover.
Sam Brown, Blythewood.
Fletcher Bluford, Dentsville.
Melvin Henry, R. 2, Hopkins.
Claudy Hampton Brown, R. 1, Box 13, Eastover.
Louis Zeegler, Eichelberger, Irmo.
Walter Kendell Martin, Blythewood.
Walter Thompson, Jones Crossing.
Charles Alfred Brown, 905 Hillcrest avenue, Columbia.
Adolphus Scott, Gadsden.
Charley Gibson, Eastover.
Madison Dewy Sauls, 212 Second street, Olympia.
Louis Countz, Blythewood.
Jas. McCants, R. 3, Blythewood.
James Meetze, Ballentine.
Hugh Carroll Bockman, Irmo, R. 1
Jas. Boulware, R. 2, Blythewood.
Elijah Hugh Rawls, R. 3, Columbia.
Clarence Carl Ballentine, Ballentine.
James Brown, Wateree.
William Sims, R. 2, Hopkins.
Ernest Dewey Derrick, 1015 Muller avenue, Columbia.
Stipney Taylor, Congaree.
Durgie Hornsby, Killian
Samuel Jacob Inabinet, R. 4, Columbia.
Joe Gadson, Blythewood.
Robert Scott, Jr., Eastover.
Mose Williams, Edgewood.
John Rinehart, R. 4, Box 25, Columbia.
Richard Arthur Spry, Box 100, Frost Place, R. 1, Columbia.
Charley McHill Eagle, R. 1, Irmo.
John Bell, R. 3, Box 27, Columbia.
Talden Leslie Peak, R. 1, Ridgeway.
Isom Wesley Martin, R. 1, Blaney.
Samuel Jacobs, Dentsville.
Sylvan Adams Meetze, White Rock
Macon Marsh, R. 4, Box 66, Columbia.
Elijah Chapman, R. 2, Eastover.
Herbert Ashley, Blythewood.
Henry Langford, Blythewood, R. 2
Thomas James Price, Eastover.
Floyd Briggs, 619 Sixth Street, Olympia.
William Melton Rabon, Columbia, R. 3
Paul Kennedy, College Place, Columbia.
Frank Patterson, Lykesland, R. 2.
Willie Reese, Hopkins.
Eber Leroy Riley, R. 1, Blythewood.
John Nelms, R. 1, Ballentine.
John Harold Shealy, R. 1, Ballentine.
James Middleton, Eastover.
Walter McNeil, Care W. J. Ballantine, R. 4, Columbia.
Jas. Alvin Slice, R. 3, Chapin.
Henry Bryant, Eastover.
Reece Kennedy Entzminger, 3613 Bouknight avenue, Columbia.
Union Campbell, Hopkins, R. 2.
Josiah Bass Stokes, 4109 Monticello Street, Eau Claire, Columbia.
Charley Jacobs, Dentsville.
Eugene Balkman, Bookhart, Blythewood.
Thomas Madden Matthews, Third avenue, Columbia
Edward Perroneau Fripp, 3104 Wheat street, Columbia.
George Jacobs, Blythewood.
Mshew Frank Koon, R. 1, Irmo.
Nick Watts, 426 Sumter Street, Columbia.
Royal Nat, Lykesland, R. 1.
Berkley Reynolds, Hopkins, R. 1.
Archie Marion Harrison, Edgewold.
Samuel Dreher, Dentsville.
Walter Gayden, Eastover, R. 2.
Jimmie Howell, Congaree, R. 1.

October 31, 1918  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 9

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