108 Men Called By County Board For Examination

First Batch of New Class One Men Are Called by the Exemption Board for the County to Stand Physical Examination.

The following in in class one have been summoned by the exemption form for Richmond County to appear on November 4 for physical examination: Silas Roeborough, Pontiac; Joe Brown, top Notch Road, Columbia; Thomas Ulri Ballentine, Blythewood; Daniel Johnson Reeves, Edgewold; Marion Ward Culp, Rose Hill, No. 4, Columbia; William Crawford Turner, Brooklyn; Claudius Alexander Crater; 4405 Ridgewood avenue, Columbia; Williem Haskill Kennedy, Blythewood, Rt. 2; John Henry Milton, R. 2, Blythewood; Willie Jefferson, Columbia, R. 4; Harverston Wilson, Gadsden; Jno. Brandle Peoples, 503 Fifth street, Columbia; Isaac Sanders, R. 1, Box 60, Blythewood; Allen Witherspoon, Hopkins; Charley Lovett, Blaney; Henry Grant English, Star route, English; Claude Dent; Columbia; John Jackson, Gadsden; Sherwood Liles Miller, Jr., Columbia, R. 4; Julius Barns, Arthurs, Box 5, R. 4; Willie Colwin, Columbia; Jas. Henry McCombs, Irmo; Abram Dairs, Jr., Lykesland; Thomas Pat Gates, R. 3, Edgewold; Montz Hagood, Blythewood, R. 1; Thurlow Boyd Frick, R. 1, Blythewood; James Laurens Boyd, Edgewold, Box 22, R. F. D; Irvin Vince Neeley, R. 4, Lykesland; James Wesley Floyd, Hopkins, R. 2; Datrs Simpson, Box 34, R. 3, Columbia; Wilburn Roger Richardson, White Rock; Oscar Roscoe Rollings, 1144 Olympia Avenue, Olympia.

Alwin Corres Meetze, Route 2, Columbia.

William Marvin Lewis, 1311 Berkley Avenue, Olympia, Columbia.

Harry Earn Crolley, 605-6th St., Olympia.

Jessie Jones, Lykesland.

Preston Addison, Lykesland.

Thos. Henry Davis, Route 4, Box 32, Columbia.

William Ceyers, White, Columbia, 2704 Wheat St.

Thom Durham, Blythewood.

James Hopkins Young, Congaree.

John Henry Polip, White Rock.

Joseph Arthur Iker, 927-9th street, Olympia.

Henry Gartman, Route 1, Lykesland.

John Owen, Route 2, Hopkins.

William Walter Evans, 11 McLery building, Olympia.

George Douglas Moose, Route 1, Columbia.

Lonnie Tyson, Campbell, Route 1, Congaree.

Wm. Dale, Olympia Mills, Olympia.

Memminger Weston, Eastover.

Grover Cleveland Rabon, Columbia.

Belton Dixon, Route 4, Box 39, Columbia.

Henry Darby, Lykesland, Route 2.

Robert Cales, Congaree.

Sydney Grooms, Route 1, Eastover.

Sidney Hasel, Boykins.

Rufus Porter, Gadsden.

James Arthur Dairs, Lykesland, Route 1.

Robt. Edwin Harman, Route 1, Lykesland.

Silas Walter Weaver, 403-4th street, Olympia.

Tillman Williams, Eastover.

Jerome Wilson, Hopkins, Route 1.

Theodore McCullough, Martin English.

Alexander Dupree Derrick, Irmo.

Darrel Hugh Bailey, 2225 Richland Street, Columbia.

Oliver Blocker, Route 1, Columbia.

Layford Brown, Route 1, Hopkins.

Jerry McKinnon, Wateree.

Ben Adkins, Gadsden.

James Lelley Martin, Bluff Road, Olympia.

Charley Adolphus Hammond, Pontiac.

Beacher Shiver, Gadsden.

Frank Heath, 416-4th street, Olympia.

Jonas Myers, Jr., Gadsden.

Wm. Theron Peters, 4th Ave., Arden, Columbia.

Wiley Artin McDonlad, 15 Bluff Road, Olympia.

David Branch, Edgewold.

Willie Love, Columbia, R. 4.

Andrew Taylor, R. 3, Columbia.

Toney Toatley, Irmo.

Julius Wellington Harbot, Congaree.

Perry Evans Ellison, Irmo, R. 1.

Curtis Humphries, Gregory, 815 3rd Ave., Columbia.

Tom Scott, Gadsden.

Ernest Roberson, Eastover.

Allen Edwards, Hopkins, R. 2.

John Edward Dorsey, 55 Bluff Road, Olympia.

Henry Anderson, R. 1, Bookman.

John Young, Blythewood, R. 2.

George Loyd, Eastover.

William Augustus Bowman, Box 48, Ridgewood, Columbia.

John Benjamin Dairs, R. 2, Box 9, Columbia.

Boyd Filmore Elkin, 402 4th St., Olympia.

Murrary Wilson, Gadsden.

Fletcher Price, R. 3, Blythewood.

Willie Brooks, Chapin, R. 3

Lier Pat Wallace, Killian.

Ben Gadsden, Hopkins.

Harry Lee Weaver, 705 7th St., Olympia.

Willie F. Smith, R. F. D. 1, Box 68, Columbia.

Clifton Hayler, Killian

Robert Amos Gilmore, R. 1, Lykesland.

Stephen Allen, Gadsden, R. 1.

Coleman Edward Farrell, 105 Wildwood Ave., Columbia.

Alberts Ernest Patterson, Lykesland, R. 2.

Caldwell August James, Wateree.

Edward Horace Legrand, Killian

October 30, 1918  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 10

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