All My Troubles Were Overcome Through Dreco

Seaboard Air Line Foreman Could Not Attend Business of Account of Dizzy Spells Caused by Stomach Disorder.


Nowadays people with any common sense refuse to believe that indigestion and other forms of stomach trouble and incurable. There are so many instances, right here in this section, where every day men and women willingly come forward to testify that they have found grateful relief even in the most stubborn cases that it would really be hard to doubt their word.

When one stops to consider that stomach trouble, no matter how slight, is apt to develop into other and more serious organic disorders, such as kidney and bladder diseased, liver complaints, acute constipation, etc., it is not strange that hundreds are taking advantage of the grateful help and curative powers which they find in the famous root-and-herb medicine – Dreco.

Here is what J. H. Rabon the well known foreman for the Seaboard Air Line who resides at Blaney, S. C., has to say:

“I suffered from gastritis, head-aches and liver complaint. I often had to stop my work on account of the dizzy spells. I seemed to feel miserable most of the time and didn’t have enough energy or ambition to work hard.

“All my troubles have been overcome through Dreco. I took just one bottle of Dreco and am glad to tell my friends that It was just the thing needed. I am better in every way and am grateful for this wonderful medicine.”

Dreco is purely an herbal medicine for constipation ailments arising from the digestive tract. It has won considerable praise in the section for its prompt and efficient action in constipation, rheumatism, catarrh and similar ills.

Dreco, the new herbal remedy is sold by most good drug stores in every town in South Carolina and is particularly recommended by the Bruns and Little and The Palmetto Pharmacy in Columbia.

October 29, 1918  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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