Second Red Cross War Fund

Daily report of collections.
Previously paid . . . . . . . . . $70,314.91
Payments October 24:

J. Wesley Martin, Blaney5.00
Nick young, Blythewood5.00
J. Wesley Simmons, Blaney5.00
L. H. Veach1.25
L. J. Lever, Blythewood15.00
Mary L. Raines5.00
J. M. Raines5.00
W. A. Crary10.00
L. P. Jones2.50
Arthur McCants, Blythewood9.00
Mrs. J. J. Cain10.00
Julian Hair3.75
Mrs. T. H. Hughey2.00
Walter Taylor, Lykesland5.00
H. F. Odom, Lykesland10.00
M. Citron12.50

July, August, September and October payments are now past due. Checks should be made payable to Second Red Cross War Fund, W. G. McAdoo, treasurer. Subscribers are respectfully urged to send in their payments to

Treasure, Record Building, Columbia, S. C.

October 25, 1918  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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