Leave for Camp Keenan

A group of Girl Scouts will leave Thursday afternoon at 4 o’clock for Camp Keenan, where they will spend some time. Camp Keenan is located on the bank of White Pond, near Blaney and is named for Playground Councilman Keenan, who as assisted so materially in the organization of the Scouts. The girls will go by train to Blaney, and will hike from there to the pond.

The scouts will do all the work themselves, cooks and housekeepers being appointed for each day.

A well balanced program for each day has been arranged, and every night a big campfire will be lighted and games and stories will be in order. One night there will be a candy pulling, another, trick night, in fact, each day will be concluded with some especially attractive “thing to do.”

This is the first camp the Columbia Girl Scouts have gone on yet but it isn’t going to be the last by any means. Others ones are already being planned and the girls are looking forward to them with unusual glee.

June 18, 1918  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 15

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