Catherine “Kitty” Branham

1847  Catherine “Kitty” Branham was born on 09 Feb 1847 in Fairfield, South Carolina, USA a child of Andrew Branham and Dorcas Mercy Branham. 1850 Catharine Branham was counted in the census on 03 Oct 1850 in Fairfield, South Carolina, USA, as a 3-year-old, female, white. Also in the home was William Branham, Rachel Branham, Martha Branham, Charlotte Branham, Nancy Branham, Caroline Branham, Allen Branham, … Continue reading Catherine “Kitty” Branham

Blaney Entertains Training Camp Men.

“Believe me, I’ll never forget Blaney,” a young soldier with a red, white and blue hat cord was overheard to remark. “And why, pray, will you always remember Blaney?” asked the one who heard him. And this is why the men of the training camp will always have a soft spot in their heart for the little town which nestles in the sand hills between … Continue reading Blaney Entertains Training Camp Men.