Richland Men Are Summoned

Hundred Additional Called to Appear by the Local County Exemption Board.

The richland county local board has ordered 100 additional men to appear next Monday for physical examination for service in the national army. THis call is to take care of rejections at Camp Jackson and to make up the full county quota, it is stated. The men called are:

Samuel Walter Philips, Eastover; Clarence Lanhon, Blythewood; Gussie W. P. Gates, Columbia; Henry Wilson White, Olympia; Thomas Goodwin, Hopkins, Ben Tillman Grooms, Olympia; Clinton G. Dennis, Olympia; James Ernest Addy, Irmo; Leroy Slice, Chapin; Robert Walker, Killian; Arthur Teddy Paul, Columbia; Samuel Hugh Wilds, Columbia; Porter Smith, Columbia; Melton Breedlone, Eastover; Gaston Adolph Lindford, Columbia; William Ruff, Columbia; William Ruff, Columbia; Ben Smith, Eastover; Thorn Drawdy, Eastover; Peter Thorleif Hulth, Arden; Byron Moore, Columbia; Eli Cloud, Columbia; Robert Green, Lykesland; Spigner Washington, Eastover; Maxcie James Abney, Blythewood; Rosher Daniel Davis, Killian; Quince Jacobs, Eastover; Benjamin Lee, Hopkins; William Warren Sharpe, Blythewood: George Sidney Daniels, Columbia; Will Willsen, Lykesland; Eugene Smith, Arden; Hubert Walker Jones, Lykesland; Platt Branham, Blythewood; Tom McConnell, Columbia; Elija Days, Pontiac; Frank Evans, Hopkins; Samie Wright, Congaree; Daniel Seibbres, Columbia; Ernest Colon DuBose, Eastover; Herbert Center, College Place; Robert Ellison, Congaree; William David Chappell, Jr., Columbia; James Piddings, Eastover; William Williams, Lykesland; Charle Americus Bianchi, Arden; John Williams, Blaney; Henry Green, Eastover; Rosea T. Truesdale, Lykesland; Willie Marthas, Blythewood; Paul Green, Eastover; Hubert Clayton Young, Lykesland; Walter Daniel Strange, Lykesland; Joel Adams, Eastover; William Joseph Nipper, Columbia; Jacob B. Schwartz, Columbia; Andrew F. Joyner, Eastover; Walter Anderson, Columbia; Robert Lido Carrell, Columbia; Willie Adams, Gadsden; James Frazier, Columbia; William Moore, Jr., Eastover; Ben Martin, Lykesland; Thomas Burrel Kelly, Columbia; James Walter Graddick, Blythewood; Carter Scott, Eastover; Sam Thompson, Jr., Congaree; Samuel Smith, Columbia; Mack Jacobs, Eastover; Haskell M. Hambry, Blythewood; Walter Wilson, Eastover; William Welborn Davis, Edgewold; Adam Roach, Blaney; Alexander Stroman, Eastover; Rheubin S. Taylor, Eastover; Jessie Gilchrist, Columbia; George Scott, Eastover; William Weston, Hopkins; Earle Thomas Campbell, Eastover; William McLemore, Eastover; Lewis Moore, Gadsden: William Hulon Kelly, Columbia; Sam Bowens, Blythewood; George Pickens, Columbia; Samuel Peak, Lisbon; Matthew G. Geiger, Columbia; Herbert Evans Young, Congaree; Daniel Drader, Lykesland; James Wilson, Lisbon; Charles S. Johnson, Columbia; Fred U. Best, Olympia; Arthur Evans McClendon, Columbia; William Thomas Ballentine, Blythewood; John Stewart, Hopkins; Reginald Montgomery, Lykesland; Frank Johnson, Hopkins; Benjamin Lorick, Edgewold; Walter F. Nash, Columbia.

November 9, 1917  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 7

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