Ninety-One Take Appeals From the Exemption Boards

Sixty-Eight From the County Board and Twenty-three from City – Discuss Method of Calling First Increment.

Sixty-eight appeals have been filed with the exemption board for the Eastern district of South Carolina from decisions of the exemption board for Richland county. Monay is the last day in which appeals can be filed from the county. Only 23 appeals have been filed up to this time from the city of Columbia but it will be several days yet before the time limit expires because the city board has not yet finished the examination of drafted men and has not itself passed on all claims for exemption.

Members of the city and county boards are discussing the best method of procedure in the selection of the first increment which will be mobilized on September 5. It seems that there are no instructions for the exemption boards on this point and they are to be allowed to choose the men who are to go first as they see fit.

First Call September 5.

The county board must furnish 62 men, or 30 per cent of its quota, on September 5. The city board must furnish 57 men on the same day. The total quote for the county is 205 and for the city 190.

It had been thought by many that the boards would call the men into service in the order in which they were drafted but it seems that it is optional with them as to whether they follow this method of procedure. There was some talk yesterday to the effect that the members of the county board might call farmers last in order that they might finish the harvesting of their crops.

Appeals From County.

The 68 men who are appealing from the county board to the distric board for exemption are:

Washington Carter, Gadsden
J. W. Blizzard, Columbia
Ernest Renis, Blythewood
John Robertson, Columbia, R. F. D
Herbert Potee, Edgewold
Clayton Gentry, Columbia
James White, Blythewood
David Jones, Hopkins
John Brown, Olympia Mill
David Thompson, Bookman
Julius Cummings, Eastover
Hiram Riley, Eastover
Jake Timmons, Eastover
Arthur Outen, Blythewood
Garner Simons, Eastover
Eric Boatwright, Blythewood
Frank Hampton, Lykesland
George Davis, Blythewood
Tally Brown, Lykesland
F. Shealy, Columbia
Smith Dansby, Chapin, R. F. D
Solomon Smith, Columbia, R. F. D.
Mansell Wilson, English
Tom Taylor, Congaree
Daniel Watkins, Blythewood
Fred Dibble Taylor, Columbia, R.F. D.
John Jamison, Eau Claire
Nathan Williams, Blaney
H. F. Crossland, Edgeworld
James W. Jacobs, Jacobs
Roberts S. Archie, Eastover
Chas. Jenkins, Congaree
Sam Barber, Hopkins
Boisy Myers, Dentsville
Hilliard Dean, Columbia
S. I. Buff, Colonial Height
King Adams, Congaree
Jack Patterson, Eastover
James Kirland, Congaree
Willie Green, Columbia, R. F. D.
Pulaski Corley, Irmo
Frank Wyse, Eau Claire
Cleveland Ard, Olympia
Claude F. Martin, Columbia
Mose Dimond, Columbia
Alex McGraw, Eau Claire
Ealey Thompson, Liberty Hill, Columbia
S. L. Howell, Blythewood
B. C. Slice, Irmo
George Holmes, Eastover
David Marshall, Eastover
Seymour Coles, Hopkins
Washington Bolton, Lykesland
Abraham Link Boyles, Columbia
Henry Allen, Irmo
Willie Daughtry, Eastover
Thomas Corbin, Lykesland
James E. Jenkins, Melrose Heights, Columbia
John David Ford, Eau Claire
Frank Goyins, Columbia
Mat Wesley Fowler, Olympia
Ollie Tidwell, Columbia, R. F. D.
Chas Cook, Bookman
Preston Davis, Columbia, R. F. D.
Ainsley H. McDermid, Eau Claire
Frank Goyins, Columbia
Matthew Abney, Columbia, R. F. D.
Shelton Bookhart, Columbia, R. F. D.

Appeals From City.

Those appealing from the city board are:

Frank G Bishopz
Richard Henry Parnell
Frank Harris
Richard L. Burnett
M. R. Roof
W. Frank Alford
W. W. Arthur
E. H Mathis
W. R. McMillian
James T. Baker
Willie Cunningham
D. I. Jackson,
N. L. McClellan
Jeff Langford
W. E. Sloan
Asbury Hill
John Carter
B. H. Boyce
John Allen Preston
E. S. Kohn
Ernest C. Draffin
George D. Sloan
H. W. Cunningham.

August 26, 1917  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 10

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