Thirty-Four Are Certified Today By County Board

List of Names Filed with District Board for the Eastern District of South Carolina – City Board Acts on Claims.

The exemption board for Richland county this morning sent to the district board for the Eastern district of South Carolina a certified list of the names and addresses of 34 persons who have been duly and legally called for the military service of the United States and who have not been exempted or discharged. A very large number of these persons gave notice when they passed the physical examination that they expected to file exemption claims but these claims were never filed and the men have now been certified for service.

The list follows;

Monroe McLaughlin, Eastover
Minson Johnson, Hopkins
Amos Simuel, Gadsden
Arthur Reese, Lykesland
Fletcher M. Monts, Blythewood
Robert N. Dimer, Blythewood
Tom Bell, Hopkins
Essie A. Fulmer, Blythewood
Eugene Cuten, Dentsville
James Wilson, Kingville
Nelson Broom, Columbia, R.F.D. No. 3
James Whitmore, Eastover
Williams Jackson, Hopkins
Bryant William, Hopkins
Ollie J. Amick, Ballentine
David Pickens, Columbia
Jesse Odom, Dentsville
Elicious Richardson, Columbia
Price Williams, Jr., Congaree
T. D. Hoyt, Columbia
George McCoye, English
Joseph Hopkins, Lykesland
Dan Patterson, Eastover
Arthur Gray, Gadsen
Ephriam Fields, Lykesland
Earle Bostic, Eastover
Chester Lovett, Dentsville
Charley Tucker, Congaree
Stanley W. Dean, Columbia, R.F.D. No. 2
Royal E. Lever, Ballentine
Josh Brown, Olympia
Oscar A Long, Lykesland
Vince Branham, Blaney

Claims Passed Upon.
The exemption board for the city of COlumbia yesterday announced that the claims of exemption filed by the following had been disallowed:

A. A. Frazee, 1318 Pickens street
Henry Ruff, 1233 Greeg street
John Daniels, 1226 Blossom street
Ernest McDaniel, 2118 Richland street
Max Frank, 1000 Gervais street
Mack Anderson, 717 Hampton street
Archie H. Thompson, 1211 Barnwell street.

The following have been exempted by the board for the city of Columbia;
George H. Priester, 2301 Gadsen street
Hopson P. Lovette, 1507 Whatley street
R. B. Melton, 233 Pickens street
J. O. Starling, 1114 Pendleton street
J. C. Crouch, 1417 Hampton street
Wesley Davis, 400 Sumter street
Lorans Wilson, 2005 Wilson street

August 25, 1917  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 3

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