Farm Land.

Meet the boil weevil with cattle, 100 acres 1 1-4 miles from Salley, South Carolina, gray land, red clay subsoil, 2,600, fine cotton farm, 417 acres, six tenant houses, cottage, dairy barn, entire place wired, 100 acres in Bermuda, $35 per acre, 180 acres six miles from Winnsboro, 80 acres fine timber $2,100; 72 acres, fine buildings, on auto road, $2,000; 500 acres, three miles from Blaney, rich land, fine cattle Farm, $15 per acre; 215 acres, three tenant houses, six miles from city limits, $39 per acre; 250 acres cut in three to 50 acre; 250 acres cut in three to 50 acre tracts, $15 per acre; no money till fall 1917; 250 acres, seven-room houses, four room tenant house, 30 acres bottoms, $20 per acre, 11 miles from city limits, $500 cash payment, W. J. Elliott, 302 Palmetto Bldg.

November 12, 1916  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 6

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