Lillie Victoria Spradley

Lillie Victoria Spradley was born on 11 Jun 1908 in South Carolina, USA a child of Thomas James Spradley and Bessie Beulah Barnes.

Camden, August 30, 1916 – Lillie Spradley, a white girl nine years of age, was shot and instantly killed at Cassatt, in this county, about 8 o’clock this morning by Lillie May Thompson, a young negress.

The Spradley family were residing on the farm of T. M. C. Mosier and a young white man named Sheorn had been sent there to move them. The negress picked up a shotgun and first pointed it at a mule then pointed it at Sheorn and fired. Sheorn dodged the load and it took effect in the Spradley girls’ abdomen. No cause is assigned for the deed other than it is thought the negress was of unsound mind.

Lillie Victoria Spradley was buried in Kershaw, South Carolina, USA at Antioch Baptist Cemetery.

Obituary Information:

August 31, 1916  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 9602  Page 6

Tombstone Information:

Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina, USA
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