“It was a most successful meeting.” said James A. Hayne, M. D., State health officer, who has returned to Columbia after attending the meeting in Charleston at which a State league of health officers was organized.

Miss Louise Cloyd has returned from Ridgeway, bringing with her Miss Mary Tidwell, who will be her guest for two weeks.

Miss Amy Mitchell of Atlanta is visiting her brother, Charles Mitchell.

The Rev. J. M. Mitchell is at Blaney and will return Friday.

Carlton W. Sawyer, comptroller general, has returned to Columbia, after a business trip to Beaufort and Jasper counties.

W. W. Moore, adjutant general, has returned from Charleston, where he inspected the encampment of the five companies of coast artillery at Fort Moultrie. There are 330 men and 13 officers encamped on the island. “The men have entered into the work with a fine spirit,” said the adjutant general.

Watson Luther, a Columbia boy, has returned home, after being away three months, playing with the Orangeburg baseball team.

Mrs. H. B. Wollingham is visiting relatives and friends in Macon and Montgomery.

Thomas Taylor Stack, Jr., is visiting Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Detroit.

J. R. Johnson, W. L. Bedenbaugh and Charles L. Sligh have returned from Charleston, where they spent the weekend.

August 23, 1916  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 9594  Page 2

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