Big Capital Behind Good Kaolin Works

Southern Clay Company Will Operate Plants at Blaney and James Crossing.

Special to The State.

Sumter, June 16. – A Sumter concern with a capital stock of $75,000, has been organized for the purpose of operating the kaolin works at Blaney and James Crossing. The men interested in the Southern CLay company, as the concern will be known, have already acquired the plants at Blaney and Horrell Hill and expect to operate them on a scale decidedly more extensive than they have been worked in the past, when they have not proved profitable. The Sumter men interested in the concern are A. C. Phelps, R. L. Wright and E. M. Hall, successful business men, and under their management it is very probable that the enterprise will prove successful.

Mr. Phelps stated today that the plant would deal in crude and refined clays and that it products would be shipped to various parts of the country, as there was a demand for the material. It is probable that much of the product will be shipped to England, Maynard & Simmons of Atlanta have been secured as the engineers for the plant, and as soon as a siding can be put in at Horrell Hill and other preliminaries be carried out the operation of the plants will begin.

June 17, 1916  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Issue 9528  Page 10

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